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Save energy

Recycling Evo Water cans saves the most energy as opposed to glass and plastic, as it takes 90% less energy to recycle aluminium back to a beverage can, than using new brand new aluminium raw material source.

100% Recycle

The most sustainable packaging – infinitely 100% recyclable material.

Durability and storage

Evo Water Cans are more durable than glass , meaning they require less additional packaging in order to protect them from damage. This results in lower overall packaging costs and fewer damages.

Help create employment

Recycling is currently providing the most lucrative return per kilogram collected, with scrap dealers paying up to R5 per kilogram of cans collected.


The primary raw material for our beverage cartons is wood, a renewable resource from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Indeed all our cartons consist of on average 75% paperboard derived from wood.


All our cartons are fully recyclable and 76% biodegradable thus reducing raw material use and carbon emissions.


Beverage cartons safely preserve product contents and maintain nutritional value. Our new carton, Pure Pak® Sense, also reduces food waste, by decreasing the amount of product residue left in the carton.


The rectangular shape of the carton provides more space efficiency during transport and storage; transported as a flat pack prior to filling further reduces delivery costs and environmental impact.